The Gift of Mulligans

2020 Human Relations Indie Book Gold Winner

What if after everything you ever learned, you could change anything you ever did?

He’s devoted his life to giving people second chances, but self-help guru Jordan O’Brien harbors a dark secret. After plugging his best-selling book on national television, he is confronted by a mysterious person with a shocking claim about Jordan’s past.

Will Jordan be forced to risk everything he’s ever achieved for a high-tech chance to orchestrate his own do-over? Or will dredging up his past prove him to be a fraud? As you follow Jordan’s journey, you’ll discover the path to redemption is paved with faith, love and Mulligans—lots of Mulligans.

The Gift of Mulligans is a modern-day parable in the tradition of The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Carpenter, and The Noticer. If you believe it’s never too late to become what you might have been, then you’ll love this inspirational tale.

Excerpt of Review By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating: 5 Stars

The Gift of Mulligans: Sometimes All You Need is a Second Chance by Dave Morris is a fascinating dive into the reality of what is possible.

There are some books that you read that instantly fill you with a sense of rightness and understanding and The Gift of Mulligans was definitely such a book for me. Author Dave Morris has tapped into an incredibly powerful expression of individual purpose and understanding that made this story speak to me personally. The underlying message about love, compassion, understanding, and the opportunity, indeed the necessity to give people a second chance shone through every page and made the core message of the story stand out like a shining beacon of hope for the world. Few books uplift me as much as this one has and rather than highly recommend it, I would proffer that it should actually be compulsory reading for all teenagers and adults alike. A fantastic book!

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5 Stars - The Best Kind of Storytelling

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Superior stories go beyond a moment of escape; they take you to another world and bring you back home a better person. "Mulligans" is a tale expertly crafted, blending allegory and entertainment with such skill and subtlety that the resulting blur almost defines a new category. Dave Morris exposes one of the universe's great secrets in a way that engages and simplifies, packing a monumental truth into an unassuming, delightful parable. You cannot read this book and ever again see your life through the same eyes. Books are a gift, but this book is a blessing.

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